Enchanted Fine Art Benefit

If you are in southern New Mexico this week, don’t miss the 10th annual “Enchanted Fine Art Benefit” art auction, hosted by First National Bank in Alamogordo. In addition to the featured artists described below, many other local artists will have their art on display and up for auction, myself included.

2017 Enchanted Fine Art Benefit Invite.jpg

Cropping to the Essence

A few years ago, I got the opportunity to photograph a herd of Texas longhorn cattle, from within the herd. Needless to say, this is an opportunity I did not pass up! A fellow photographer and I followed the rancher in my truck, through the gate and into the pasture. Over the ridge came a few good sized longhorn at a lumbering trot, called by the sound of the rancher’s ATV. They were followed closely by the rest of the herd. At this point, we are standing in the truck bed, cameras in hand, while these huge animals (with huge horns!) are wandering all around us!

Once the herd settled down, we got down and walked among them, being sure to give plenty of clearance to the massive bull who was clearly in charge. Keeping one eye on the viewfinder and the other on the lookout for turning heads (and their attached horns), I got some great shots from a perspective I’ve never had before.

One interesting aspect of this shoot was watching the herd, well, watching us! Some were quite standoffish, never letting either of us get too close. Others were stern looking; not afraid, but not enthusiastic either. Still others, like the one in this image, were intensely curious. I got several good images of her, but what stuck with me from our encounter was the intensity of her gaze. This image honors that experience by leaving out all the distractions of the herd, and the ranch, and all our surroundings. For a moment or two, there was nothing but me and the intense gaze of a very large, very curious Texas longhorn.


Art and Conservation Project

I came across an interesting project, sponsored by the Hill Country Council for the Arts, and the Cibolo Nature Center, called, “Art and Conservation: Our Hidden Treasures.” The project joins local Texas Hill Country landowners with local artists to bring forth new art based upon the “hidden” treasures of the Hill Country; areas not generally seen by the public because they are on private land. Each landowner is paired with an artist (selected through a jury process). For about a year, the artist is given periodic access to the property to seek artistic inspiration. The following year an exhibition is held to reveal the artwork.

One of the primary objectives of my imagery is to connect people to the quiet beauty of nature and to the divine beauty within themselves. Consequently, raising public awareness of the beauty and importance of wild and natural places, and supporting conservation of those places are important to me, so this program seemed like a good fit.

I submitted an application and was accepted into the 2014-15 program! I received my landowner assignment and am anxious to go see the property! I’ll keep you posted.

For more on the program, see: http://www.hccarts.org/artconservation-2014